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I'm Mary - Chief Design Officer

I am a successful business professional with more than 30 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies discover new possibilities and opportunities to drive growth and innovation.


In 2013, I began to ask myself “what’s next for me?” and became aware of how many successful, experienced professionals, particularly women, were asking the same question.  Quickly I discovered how few resources and tools there were to help us. On the hunt for a solution, I combined Design Thinking innovation tools with my creativity, professional acumen and experience to help discover new career directions that feel more satisfying and meaningful.


Today, I am on a mission to open doors of unlimited possibilities for businesses to grow faster and for professional women to seek more inspiring, energizing meaningful work.


Discover What's Next For You

Helping seasoned professionals design their What's Next

Strategic Consulting

Driving growth through strategic innovation and marketing

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“You nailed it! It was an amazing experience for me! An opportunity to take a 360° perspective of myself and see where I am going."

Valerie Palmieri

President & CEO, Vermillion


“You were able to see my vision and translate it into 3 concrete, marketable ideas to move my business forward. You bring 10 times the clarity, which is priceless."

Amy Birks

Strategy Ninja

for Entrepreneurs


“You helped me see my key triggers and motivations so I could see the path forward more clearly to create my next professional initiative.”

Carolyn McNally

Retired Program Development Director, ACES


“With Mary’s insight and support, the self-discovery process underlying these developments has been fun, revelatory, and deeply satisfying.  I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Eletta Sangrey Callahan

Director of Elder Transitions, New Justice Conflict Resolution Services


“Mary really helped me achieve clarity on what I want to do for the next 5-7 years.  She helped me map it out, focus and make it happen.”

Trish Rubin 

Trish Brand.NYC


“I received early retirement, I but wanted to do something new, something more. Mary helped me map out a path and focus. She instilled confidence.  I found a new job and am feeling great”

Barbara Fitzgibbons

Covance Field Reimbursement Manager

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