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Incubate What’s Next 


Join an online circle of women leaders for 7 weeks and give yourself the time and space to cultivate new insights that facilitate transition to what matters most to you!


You deserve to move through your work transition more easily and successfully  

The INCUBATE WHAT'S NEXT CIRCLE will give you the time, space, tools and support to germinate new options and possibilities to make your transition happen your way, providing the MORE in your life that you want.

Who is this event for


  • Women leaders in the midst of a professional transition

  • Women leaders who want to design new career/life directions

  • Women leaders who are seeking “more” at this stage in their careers



If you can relate to any of these situations, know that nothing is “wrong.”

If you are feeling that you want “more” in and from your work: 


If your work no longer energizes you – if you are feeling bored, exhausted and angry: 


If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by a current or prospective transition: INCUBATE WHAT’S NEXT is for you.

If you haven’t given yourself the time to breathe, pause and germinate new possibilities: INCUBATE WHAT’S NEXT is for you.


If you don’t have a group of supportive colleagues to help you create new options: INCUBATE WHAT’S NEXT is for you.

Many people talk about how to make a career or life transition – but few begin with take the time and space to face your fears, develop deeper insights about your purpose and 
to cultivate how you want to feel, what matters most to you.

Joining the INCUBATE WHAT'S NEXT CIRCLE will give you the opportunity to:


  • Play in the messy, creative, innovative stage of all transitions more comfortably and confidently.

  • Learn new tools to integrate your desires with all of the assets that your career and choices to date have created to generate a new set of Next Chapter career possibilities that offer “more”.

  • Connect with other women leaders on the same journey, with the opportunity to share ideas, resources and support.

  • Germinate and nurture a variety of transition options in a safe, supportive space.


Join us online for 7 weeks, starting on January 7, 2020 and begin creating your next transition more confidently and with less stress. 


Circle Details:


The INCUBATE WHAT’S NEXT CIRCLE will meet once a week for 90 minutes on Tuesday evenings at
7:00 pm EST, beginning on January 7, 2020.  The format of each session will be as follows:


  1. Each session will start with sharing insights, learning, questions based on work since the last session;

  2. There will be 15 minutes of teaching about different tools and mindset to enable more effective germination of new possibilities and options;

  3. There will be an interactive activity for all circle members to practice new tools and perspectives with opportunity for specific and group feedback;

  4. There will be a weekly meditation or affirmation shared with the group.

  5. Each session will end with an assignment for the following week.

Who are Kelley Connors & Mary Wallace Jaensch?


We are passionate, women leaders who are committed to helping other women leaders Incubate, cultivate and design their most fulfilling What’s Next. We’ve both made transitions, the hard way.  Let us share the insights that have allowed us the space and time to make a successful transition where we celebrate our past and integrate our gifts for a new future. 


Kelley Connors empowers a whole-being approach to women’s leadership, where wellbeing is a key strategy for success. Her own superpower has been her ability to use her intuition to design pathways that have possibility. As a women’s health advocate and senior executive in the healthcare communications industry, Kelley made at three different transitions work and has brought the most important parts of her past forward, while she integrated new learnings. As a life long learner, the opportunity to make transitions resulted in an expanded capacity for uncertainty and ambiguity and, ultimately, a belief in her own brave self.  This formed the basis for her own recent transition from consulting to coaching. She enjoys sharing her insights to women on retreats, workshops and in her online programs that focus on women leaders and entrepreneurs. One of her biggest sources of inspiration and gratitude is teaching a chair yoga and mindfulness class at Rosie’s Place in Boston for homeless women. She has a Masters Degree in Public Health, is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, and is President of Boston Women Communicators. 


Mary Wallace Jaensch is not your standard career transition advisor. She starts with how you want to feel to translate your dreams and passions into meaningful and rewarding professional opportunities. Her passion is supporting you to design your most inspiring, professional What’s Next at every stage of your career She uses
30 years of innovation experience and proven Design Thinking tools, to make it simpler to reconnect with what really matters to you enabling you to generate actionable options that better balance your heart and head and create your desired lifestyle. It is not magic or a pipe dream. Mary created new career directions for herself several times from corporate marketer to innovation consultant to Fortune 500 companies to VC-backed entrepreneur to career advisor. A recent client summed up working with her: “She skillfully facilitates deeper insights, helping her clients realize their truth, fueling the action that creates a brilliant next act.” When not working with clients, you will find Mary traveling the world, practicing Tango and yoga and delighting in her family.


Our “superpowers” are:


  1. We know that it is possible to create more fulfilling What’s Nexts based on our personal experiences and our many clients’ successes.

  2. We believe in the value and power of taking time and making space to germinate and cultivate new options as an effective approach to creating successful transitions with less stress and anxiety.

  3. We’ll give you our proven tools and methods that will help you connect your dreams, desires and feelings to what to do so that you can create new inspiring and fulfilling possibilities.


We agreed that convening a circle of women leaders to provide a safe, supportive, nurturing space and opportunity for creating new options and more effectively navigating change and transition could benefit all of us.


We hope that you will join us to INCUBATE WHAT’S NEXT Your Way!




$77.00 for 7 weeks, starting on January 7



Note: The registration fee is non-refundable.  Upon registration, you will be added to our email list and will receive your welcome email and occasional updates.


Need help deciding if this event is for you?  Please schedule a consultation by clicking here.

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