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Career Transition Advising

Finding work that inspires, energizes and satisfies you is not a pipe dream

Discover work that inspires you!


Design your most successful career shift by combining what inspires, energizes and fulfills you with your own deep experience and skills to discover new paths to new work possibilities.



Put the power of proven, vetted, innovation tools (Stanford Business School/Darden School at UVA) to work for you - tools that enable people and companies to step out of the known path to create new perspectives and build brilliant, innovative solutions that work in our fast-changing world.

Discover and transition successfully to “What’s Next!” for you!


Just imagine waking up and...

Finishing a productive day of work with tons of energy for all the other things you love to do with all the people who you love.

Getting up every day and being excited about your work – truly motivated!

Stretching yourself into learning new things, creating new passions and growing in ways you never imagined.


And it is all doable much more easily than you may be feeling or imagining at this moment!

Design New Directions

  • Identify your personal inspiring, fulfillment criteria

  • Generate new possible career directions and opportunities that integrate your experience and passions

  • Create a 90-day action plan to create the options you want

Activate New Directions

  • Activate your plan to create the work opportunities that you want

  • Prioritize and focus more quickly.

  • Learn to leverage your networks and relationships to build new possibilities

Transition More Successfully

  • Make this your most successful career transition

  • Build and execute more effective on-boarding strategies

  • If building a new business is in your plans, access my 30 years of building business experience and expertise

If you are ready to design your next career shift and direction, let’s make a time to chat and see what works best for you!


Join Great Company


“Mary really helped me achieve clarity on what I want to do for the next 5-7 years.  She helped me map it out, focus and make it happen.”

Trish Rubin,

Trish Brand.NYC


‘You were able to see my vision and translate it into 3 concrete, marketable ideas to move my business forward. You bring 10 times the clarity, which is priceless.’

Amy Birks

Strategy Ninja for Entrepreneurs


“I received early retirement, I but wanted to do something new, something more. Mary helped me map out a path and focus. She instilled confidence.  I found a new job and am feeling great”

Barbara Fitzgibbons

Covance Field Reimbursement Manager

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