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September 25, 2019

Take Action: Design Inspiring, Fulfilling Work


This live experience is for seasoned professional women who want to design new career directions and opportunities to inspire, energize and fulfill you, TODAY!


You deserve to do the work you love, the way you love to do it, for the rewards important to you!


This experience will teach you how to make what you desire next for your career both tangible and real --NOW!


At Green Light Your Next Career Chapter Live, you will connect more clearly with your vision for yournext chapter and create the roadmap of how to design it TODAY.

Who is this event for?

Seasoned professional women who:


  • Want to design and green-light their Next Career Chapter NOW

  • Want to more easily and quickly connect their desires and dreams to a tangible plan moving forward

  • Want to connect with other seasoned professional women to add more ideas, resources and support

  • Want to learn new tools and proven approaches


If you want to take your career in a new direction that gives “more!”,

Green Light Your Next Career Chapter LIVE is for you.

If you can relate to any of these situations, first breathe.  Then, know that nothing is “wrong”.

If you are feeling that you want “more”in and from your work: GREEN LIGHT LIVE is for you.


If your work no longer energizes you– if you are feeling bored, exhausted and angry: GREEN LIGHT LIVE is for you.


If you are ready to do something that enables you to give back and create a meaningful legacyGREEN LIGHT LIVE is for you.


If you have a great new business idea and want a chance to do it your way: GREEN LIGHT LIVE is for you.


If you want a greater work-life balance to create the time and opportunity to do what matters most to youGREEN LIGHT LIVE is for you.

Lots of people are talking about how to make a career transition or how to start a new business – but few begin with How Do You Want to Feel?

Few provide a clear pathway to creating new opportunities that

combine your strengths and experience with your desires!

When you attend this interactive training, you will:


  • Build a clear vision for your Next Chapter, starting with your dreams and desires.

  • Learn new tools to integrate your desires with all of the assets that your career and choices to date have created to generate a new set of Next Chapter career possibilities that offer “more”.

  • Utilize “lean start-up thinking” (useful whether you want to start a new business or simply head in a new direction) to identify the most critical next steps to turn your dreams into new, concrete opportunities.

  • Connect with other brilliant, seasoned professional women on the same journey – offering ideas, resources and support.

  • Leave with a tangible action plan that you can activate immediately to take you closer to your heart’s desires.


Come join us in New York City for an interactive day of learning and doing!

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